Wednesday 22nd May
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Yelland Coal Fired Power Station

After chasing the locally infamous ship "The Severn Sands" around trying to gain access to it, we came across the one remaining building that stands on the site of the former Yelland Coal Fired Power Station.

The Severn Sands ship was abandoned by it's owner and left at Fremington Quay. Planning permission was refused for conversion into a nightclub and museum!

The ship broke its moorings and floated around the estuary on the high tides, narrowly missing a new road bridge. After almost giving up chasing this ship around, we decided to try for our last chance to access it when it was finally moored at Yellands old jetty after being tugged there by the authorities in preparation of being cut up.
We again could not gain access, and so instead looked around the old power station site - glad we did!

The power station was opened on 21 April 1955 by Lord Fortescue. In March 1984, it was announced by the Central Electricity Generating Board that the power station would close by the end of October that year.
Fuel for the power station was originally obtained from coal mines in South Wales, and was transported across the Bristol Channel onto the jetty which was specially constructed for the power station. However, due to the closure of the coal mines in the 1980s, coal would be more expensive to obtain from other areas of the country. Therefore, it was more economical to close the power station.