Wednesday 22nd May
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London & South Western Railway (Plymouth)

"The Good Old Darkies"

We decided as we where in Plymouth to pay this one a visit - We only did the first half of the tunnel which is approximately half a mile - If I am honest we thought it was only in one part!

It looks like kids enjoy playing at the entrance in the woods between the two tunnels - I managed to scare the living daylights out of them appearing from the dark!

The tunnel was originally opened in May 1876 as a spur to the main London and South-Western Railway. The station was located where the Plymouth College of Further Education now stands. The original railings can still be seen. During World War One the King and Queen arrived at the station to meet Plymouths Mayor and the top military brass. The tunnel was closed to passengers in 1964 but remained in use as a goods line. It was finally closed to goods too in 1971.

The tunnels pass under the Devonport Park. A sewer pipe has been installed in the tunnel and runs for most of the length. It was run on the surface and then covered in soil, creating a bank to one side of the tunnel. There are plenty of the "Refuge Arches" used by rail workers - you can see where these have been reduced considerably in height due to the sewer works. The sewer stunk when we where in there - real rotten eggs. Not good!