Wednesday 22nd May
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The Excelsior 'Kit Hill' Tunnel

Tunnelling started here in the 1880's to create a drainage tunnel for the Kit Hill mines at the top of the hill, some 1.5mile away. Over the years due to lack of funds the tunnelling started and stopped. It was never fully completed.

In the years of the Cold War, secret tests where carried out in the tunnel to evaluate if it was possible to test nuclear weapons underground without being detected by other countries. The test where a success, but later moved to larger scale sites.

We visited this site late one afternoon and it took a little while longer than we thought to locate the entrance. We suffered lord only knows how many horse-fly bites, but we managed to get there in the end!

The shots are awful, we have had to do some serious level and backlight tweaking - We will be re-visiting all our recent haunts, including this one now we have a new camera!