Wednesday 22nd May
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Belstone Pump House, Belstone, Okehampton

We had spent the day in Cornwall, and had visited a couple of ROC posts and decided to try and find this pump house on the way home.

It had gone 7:00pm, and we where tired. We parked in Belstone, one of the prettiest villages we have ever found! We walked for around 2 miles and where almost going to give up. Kate sat down and got the flask out (yep, we go prepared!). She parked her butt on the ground.....oh hang on, that looks like a man hole your sitting on!

After a little scouting around we found the pump house! With our energy levels back up and excitement kicking in, we started our explore!

Some History

"Dotted around the valley floor are various boreholes, their presence marked by mounds with concrete entrances that make them look like underground military bunkers. There is also a sunken aeration plant and pump station, with skylights puncturing a turf roof now burrowed by rabbits.

It is less than a mile up a service track from Birchy Lake, downhill on the left, just as the ruin of Irishman's Wall running up to Belstone Tor is reached.

The plant was built to pump spring water from boreholes under the valley floor, treat and store it for use in the local area. Despite being done by an act of parliament, the water sprites never delivered the quantity decreed and the site was abandoned.